This is so exciting: I was looking for a non-copyrighted image about back to school, and this one I found is apparently from the Wal-Mart in my hometown of Kingston, New York! We were strictly a K-Mart family, but still, that’s fun, right?

Back 2 School

Raphaela Weissman
3 min readAug 30, 2022


In which I write about things other than The Tin Drum


Did you miss me? Have you been longing for updates on little German boys screaming and banging drums and the mothers who love them? Of course you have, but you’ll have to make peace with that last part, because we are starting a new chapter here on my Medium.

Only two days are left in summer, and boy, what is it about that back-to-school sensation that makes the end of summer feel like such a Time of Beginnings even when you haven’t been in school for 15-plus years? Nothing really changes materially when your days are spent in an office without a summer break, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get through this time of year without thinking about going to K-Mart with my mom, ecstatically gathering up all the Trapper Keepers and Lisa Frank notebooks I could get my hands on. (Was I a kid who totally loved school? Not really. Maybe slightly more than the average kid, but truly, not really. Was I a kid who loved back-to-school shopping, to a degree that each year I would trick myself into thinking I did love school, because how could something that necessitated such a bounteous trip to K-Mart be anything less than magical? Absolutely.)

So let’s new beginning it up. I hope you’ll all keep reading and sign up for notifications from Medium as I enter this new project, which will be pretty different than our Tin Drum adventure: as part of my adult K-Mart ritual of shaking things up in my life, I am taking a class with Amber Petty, who is just the absolute best, about freelance writing, and getting pieces published online. For several of the class assignments, she’s asked us to post our work on Medium, and hey, I’m already here! So you fine people can read my spec versions of listicles and essays and all the other delightful content you love reading on the Internet (but are probably secretly wishing as you read it that it was written by me instead). So this will NOT be about one subject, it will cover several, and you’ll never know what’s coming up next.

So that’s all for now, just a heads-up of what you can expect here for the next couple months, and please send support and good vibes and all other positive energy that you have that I will sell some stories and get some bylines!

(P.S. There was a lot of Sex and the City discourse in my Tin Drum chronicles, and since we last spoke, the nation has experienced the follow-up series, And Just Like That… do I have the sticktoitiveness to make a vow to you, my loyal readers, here and now, that I will absolutely address this cultural phenomenon, in all its chaotic, bizarre, post-COVID, post-reality glory, somewhere in these coming posts? You bet your Che Diaz I do.)

Thank you as always for reading! Stay tuned!



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