Watch This Space (But Don’t Pick Up That Phone!)

Hey happy new year everyone!

I’m here to hype that the next entry is going to be pretty life-changing: it’s about the 2003 thriller Phone Booth, which is about what happens if you pick up a ringing pay phone (spoiler: your entire life will be destroyed); and more importantly, I watched it with my best friend Melani (on the right in the photo), so it will be extra hilarious and inundated with friendship and goodness. Like you know on Top Chef when someone makes something amazing and a judge says you can taste that it was made with love? Like that.

Melani and I met at NYU in 2003 when I went to a friend’s dorm room to hang out and she wasn’t there but Melani, her roommate, was, so we took a walk to Crate and Barrel and hung out there for a while and began a lifelong friendship. She’s from Pittsburgh and loves yoga, low tide, The Real Housewives (most franchises), U2, yogurt and granola, celebrity biographies, songwriting, tennis, Taylor Swift, and being fucking hilarious and awesome and kind and wonderful and my best friend. If she were to do a project like this, I’m thinking her focus might be Clive Owen or Natalie Portman (she does love that movie Closer but also is a fan of them separately) or Christine Baranski.

My plan is to still go roughly chronologically through Colin’s filmography, but I will step out of line to watch something especially salient with a guest. As I think you’ll agree once you read it, Phone Booth was too perfect a match for Melani and I to not get to it immediately.

I’m also stopping by to say, as I experiment with the form of this project, transcribe voice memos, figure out how to translate it in a way that’s hopefully compelling, all that stuff, it might take me a little while to get some of these entries ready for their Medium debut.

So I appreciate your patience, and hey, it works out great because in these interstitial entries I can tell you about the movie I’ll talk about next and you can check it out if you want to. (You maybe don’t have to check out Phone Booth? I mean, you should if you have people over and want to watch a fun movie everybody can yell at. Then absolutely.)

Happy and healthy! See you all in a midtown Manhattan phone booth soon.



Raphaela is a writer living in Seattle, Washington. She is the author of the novel Monsters:

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Raphaela Weissman

Raphaela is a writer living in Seattle, Washington. She is the author of the novel Monsters: